Chemical Sciences

Dr. Buddolla's Educational Society was founded in 2020 with the primary objective of providing quality research and teaching. We now have a number of research projects available for students studying Life Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, and Medical Sciences.

In the year 2021, Dr. Buddolla's Educational Society added a Chemical Sciences research branch, headed by Dr. Ankireddy Seshadri Reddy.

Dr. Reddy is a dedicated researcher and an enthusiastic teacher with extensive worldwide research experience. Various projects in Chemical Sciences, Nanotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, Pharmacy, and chemistry with interdisciplinary sciences are available in this discipline.

Any technological feature that assists humans is considered genuine science. As a result, the primary goal of this branch is to provide not only thorough research guidance but also to teach new research-oriented concepts that will eventually help the chemistry community reach higher levels in compliance with international standards.

We implant knowledge in students' minds and assist them in achieving their long-term objectives.

Research and Educational Guidance

We are delighted to assist students and researchers with any chemical and biochemical research and educational needs. We also accept submissions for master's project guidance, as well as hosting Ph.D. and postdoctoral opportunities. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any science-related questions. 


Dr. Buddolla Educational Society, 

Dept. of Chemical Sciences, #9-106/5, Renigunta Road

Near Narayanadri Hospital, Daminedu, Tirupati

Andhra Pradesh-217503



Land   :+918772253165




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